About the Company

Our company treats every order as an opportunity to strengthen its market power. This is precisely why you will get the top-quality goods at reasonable prices, as well as the excellent and first class service, and comprehensive consultation from the professionals.

Our company is small-scale, so we strive to know each of its customers by sight. Individual approach — this is what allows us to move forward and not to drown in the ocean of competitors.

Quality assurance is based on the full control over the production process. Our experts carefully treat the selection of raw materials. They choose trees for felling and saw them into boards by themselves. Dense oak material is subject to drying under the special technology, polishing and painting. Creative designers develop the unique types of decoration and original collections of color scheme.

In our effort to meet your expectations, we keep track of the latest market trends, improve technologies, update the equipment, and raise skills. We pour our soul into the work and have no intention to be satisfied with what has already been achieved.

Choosing the floor boards of oak species from us, you choose timeless beauty and luxury.